Travelling with your dog on public transport (especially the bus) can be a stressful experience, I've compiled the following guide, to help you understand when and where you can travel on buses in the UK with your dog.

In the UK, unlike with trains (where there is a national policy on dog travel), bus travel for dogs is determined by the bus operator. While most bus operators do allow dogs, there are sometimes restrictions, conditions or charges which may apply.

Below is a breakdown by each company, if you know of another, get in touch and I'll add it to the list.

Which companies will allow my dog on the bus?


Dogs are permitted to travel for free on Arriva services, but it is at the discretion of the driver.


Megabus only permit service dogs on their buses.

National Express

Only assistance dogs are allowed on National Express services,


Stagecoach permit 1 well behaved dog that will not be nuisance, or danger to other passengers. This is at the driver's discretion and a fare may be charged on certain routes or areas.

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