Often a consideration to be taken into account when owning a dog is how long they will live, or their life expectancy.

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life, that people will generally outlive their dogs, although if you are elderly or suffering from something that may affect your life expectancy, you should make sure there is plan in place for your dog to be cared for in the event you are no longer able to.

When owners have spent many years with a faithful dog, a common question that arises is "How long will my dog live?".

Averaging everything out, you can expect a dog to live to be between 10 and 13, of course dogs with a medical condition may have a much shorter life, likewise there will be many that live longer. Life expectancy is not only dependent on health, but also on breed.

How long a mixed breed dog will live is harder to calculate, on the whole smaller dogs will enjoy a longer life than larger breeds. Analysis by weight found that dogs under 10 kilos had a longer life expectancy than those weighing more.

Most popular pure breeds (or pedigrees) have had their average life expectancy calculated:

Breed Expectancy (years)
Afghan Hound 12
Airedale Terrier 11.2
American Staffordshire Terrier 12.3
Basset Hound 12.8
Beagle 13.3
Bearded Collie 12.3
Bedlington Terrier 14.3
Bernese Mountain Dog 7
Border Collie 13
Border Terrier 13.8
Boxer 10.4
Bull Terrier 12.9
Bulldog 6.7
Bullmastiff 8.6
Cairn Terrier 13.2
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10.7
Chihuahua 15
Chow Chow 13.5
American Cocker Spaniel 12.5
Dachshund 12.2
Dalmatian 13
Doberman Pinscher 9.8
English Cocker Spaniel 11.8
English Setter 11.2
English Springer Spaniel 13
English Toy Spaniel 10.1
Flat-Coated Retriever 9.5
German Shepherd 10.3
German Shorthaired Pointer 12.3
Golden Retrievers 12
Gordon Setter 11.3
Great Dane 8.4
Greyhound 13.2
Irish Red and White Setter 12.9
Irish Setter 11.8
Irish Wolfhound 6.2
Jack Russell Terrier 13.6
Labrador Retriever 12.6
Lurcher 12.6
Miniature Dachshund 14.4
Miniature Pinscher 14.9
Miniature Poodle 14.8
Random-bred/Mongrel 13.2
Norfolk Terrier 10
Old English Sheepdog 11.8
Pekingese 13.3
Pomeranian 14.5
Pug 16
Rajapalayam hound 11.2
Rhodesian Ridgeback 9.1
Rottweiler 9.8
Rough Collie 12.2
Samoyed 11
Scottish Deerhound 9.5
Scottish Terrier 12
Shetland Sheepdog 13.3
Shiba Inu 14
Shih Tzu 13.4
Siberian Husky 13.5
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 13.2
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 14
Standard Poodle 12
Tibetan Terrier 14.3
Toy Poodle 14.4
Vizsla 12.5
Weimaraner 10
Welsh Corgi 11.3
Welsh Springer Spaniel 11.5
West Highland White Terrier 12.8
Wire Fox Terrier 13
Yorkshire Terrier 12.8
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